YEN stands for Youth Entrepreneurial Network, an initiative by the Ministry of Youth and Sports to help youths (18-30 years old) expand and grow their business. YEN aspires to be a one-stop platform for entrepreneurs and agencies alike in order to create solutions for one of the recurring problems in businesses which are money and trained manpower. With YEN, you could be sure that once you are in the system, you would be notified once a match occurs between your company and an agency’s facility. Check out our About YEN at
First, YEN helps young entrepreneurs find financial or training facilities for their companies to apply. These facilities might not even be in their radar, so YEN builds that previously non-existent link. Second, YEN also helps agencies to match their facilities to deserving companies where they could invite said companies to apply if they have not done so.
YEN is intended for the usage of youth between 18-30 years old. Anyone below or above the stipulated age are not allowed to use any of the functions in YEN such as applying for facilities.
Yes, you can register. Note that when you are over 40 years old, you will be automatically unable to use any of YEN’s features such as applying for a facility for your companies. However, you will still be able to log in into YEN.
One of the differences is that you will be exposed to myriad of facilities at one time and will be able to sift through which are relevant to your companies. On top of that, you will be able to track your application and be sure of its status at any time. Besides, you could chat with an agency’s representative directly via YEN, without having to wait for them to email you back which sometimes could even take weeks. In addition, you will get a notification when your companies match a facility’s criteria. All in all, a whole new awesome experience!
Yes, you can register as many companies as you like under your username. However, your company cannot have more than one “owner”; that is to say, your companies can only be registered once. If you wish to change the registered user, please contact us via email at
It could be weeks or months as it depends on the agency’s prerogative. If you don’t receive any responses after some time, you can always contact the agency directly via YEN by clicking “Send A Message” at the agency profile.
Yes, you can. However, it is the agency’s prerogative whether to accept to reject your application. It is advisable to only apply for facilities that truly match your company’s details to maximize chance of being considered or accepted.
You can contact the YEN Secretariat directly at 03-8871 3528 / 3277 (office hours) or email us at
1. Formation Stage
Formation stage is where a company (or often called a startup) designs, develops and innovates its discovered ideas into tangible products or services while determining market fit. Often times, a startup of this nature finds it difficult to secure fundings and needs the most help in terms of financial and training facilities. This stage is also sometimes categorized as the first few years of a startup; however, some startups get through this stage faster than others.

2. Validation Stage
Validation stage is where a company begins to mature by testing its product prototypes to the public and collate data in order to improve the products. The products are in the later stages of development and the company is thinking about maximizing efficiency in terms of production or sales. In this stage, a company has already secured early fundings for its formation stage but might be looking for funding in order to expand their products by acquiring more users. It is sometimes defined as 3-5 years of company establishment; however, it might not be necessarily true for all companies.

3. Growth Stage
Growth stage is where a company already have established products and fully determined its market fit. The company has also begun to scale customers and revenues on top of assembling a pool of talented, passionate, and effective team members to help it grows bigger. Market expansion and quality maintenance are the company’s priorities at this stage as the company wants to capitalize on its well-known products and ability to produce constant high quality goods.

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