To efficiently connect young entrepreneurs with reputable agencies.



YEN is a National Blue Ocean Strategy (NBOS) initiative by the Ministry of Youth and Sports to cater the development and economy aspects of youth. At YEN, we were inspired to the idea of having a one-stop centre for entrepreneurs and agencies alike to create solutions for one of the recurring problems in businesses which are money and trained manpower. Entrepreneurs struggle to secure funds by needing to browse hundreds of agencies’ portfolios and missing out on important deadlines. Agencies don’t have the resources to reach every target companies, or a dedicated platform to pool applicants in. Therefore, YEN comes at play by becoming a one-stop centre linking entrepreneurs’ needs with agencies’ facilities in REAL TIME! This process allows an organic growth of a young entrepreneurship ecosystem in Malaysia. All in all, YEN aspires to simplify and reduce any bureaucracies that might exist between entrepreneurs and agencies during the application process.



Get notified when your companies are matched with any financial or training facilities and vice versa! Just make sure you fill in all the information of your companies when you are registering them. If you do not, YEN cannot assure that proper matching mechanism would happen and you might lose out on some time-sensitive facilities. Therefore, register now, complete all information and wait for the match to happen!

On top of that, you will see the list of all matching facilities at the dashboard of your profile. Think a facility suits your company’s needs? Just click it and apply directly.


Know of a good agency but unsure of all types of funding they are offering? Want to get that grant that you have always wanted? Head over to the List of Financial Facilities under the YEN AGENCIES and you will see all the financial facilities made available by many different agencies. Think a facility suits your company? Just apply and wait for the agency’s representative to contact you. Too easy? Yes. It is.


Want to improve the quality and skills of your employees? Want them to learn a specific skill sets like wireframing? Head over to the List of Training Facilities under the YEN AGENCIES and apply to any of the facilities there! It is as simple as that. Oh, you would also receive an email notification from us if the requirements for the training facilities match your companies’ details. What are you waiting for? Register now and reap the benefits later.

Expand Your Business Capabilities, Reach and Network With YEN. Be Opportunistic. Be Great. 

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Have an enquiry about a facility within an agency? Ask directly to them with this function. Just go to the agency profile and click “Send A Message.” It works just like FB Messaging. Fast and convenient.


If you are familiar with using forums or Quora, this discussion board works exactly like that! Have a question? Ask away and wait for the community which consists of entrepreneurs like yourself or agencies’ representatives respond. Neat, eh?

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