A. Registering as a YEN User

1. Go to and click “Login.”



2. Fill in the necessary details and click “Register.”


3. The following display will come out and you should immediately get an activation email in your inbox. After you have activated your account by clicking the link in the email, you will see the “Dashboard” where you will be able to edit your profile information and add companies, among others.


B. Edit Your YEN Profile

1. On the website, click “LOGIN” and fill in your login information to enter the YEN application.

2. After you are logged in to the YEN application, click “Edit Profile.” You could also add your working experiences and accreditations you received, as well as changing your password.

Screen Shot 2017-02-03 at 12.10.25 PM

3. Click “Update Profile” when you are done.


C. Adding Companies

1. After you are logged into the YEN application, click “MY YEN > ADD COMPANY.”

tambah syarikat 1
2. Fill in the necessary details. Click “SAVE COMPANY” when you are done.

tambah syarikat 2
3. You can view your company by clicking “MY YEN > MY COMPANY.”

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4. You could add as many companies that you own as you want. Now, you will be able to start applying for any facilities that are being provided by agencies in YEN.

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D. Applying For Facilities

1. After you are logged into the YEN application, click “YEN AGENCIES > LIST OF FINANCIAL FACILITIES.”

mohon kemudahan 1
2. Select any of the financial facilities and click “View.” Then, click “APPLY NOW” to apply for the financial facility.

mohon kemudahan 2
3. Answer the questions and click “Submit Application” when you are done.
4. Follow similar steps to apply for Training Facilities.

E. Using the Discussion Board

1. On the YEN application, click “DISCUSSION.”

perbincangan 1
2. (To ask): Click the “Have a Question? Ask Here” button.

perbincangan 2
3. Write your question and click “SUBMIT.” You can tag specific agencies as well. That ought to get their attention.

perbincangan 3
4. (To answer / reply): After Step 1, click any of the questions and type in your replies.

perbincangan 4

F. Using the Instant Messaging Function

1. On the YEN application, click “YEN AGENCIES > LIST OF AGENCIES.”

instant 1

2. Select any agencies and click “Agency Profile.”

instant 2

3. Click “SEND A MESSAGE.”

instant 3

4. Write your message and click “SEND MESSAGE” to send it.

instant 4

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